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Sunday, September 20, 2009 – Sunday, September 20, 2009

Service Information
The Peterson Chapel, Buffalo
Saturday, September 26, 2009
2:30 PM

Visitation Information

Lilli Jean Reese was born into heaven on Sunday, September 20, 2009. She is survived by her loving parents, Justin Reese and Toni Peterson; seven grandparents; great-grandparents and many aunts, uncles, cousins and other relatives. A memorial service will be on Saturday, September 26, at 2:30 P.M. at The Peterson Chapel-Buffalo with a visitation one-hour prior. Following the service there will be a balloon release outside the funeral home. Serving the family…

The Peterson Chapel-Buffalo

18 Guestbook Entries

  1. Joni & Darryl Lee

    Toni & Justin
    We are so sorry and our hearts cry for and with you. Baby Lilli is safe in the arms of God and she will forever be in our hearts.
    We Love You,
    Joni, Darryl & Boys

  2. Marlene & Marvin Reinking

    Though we didn’t get to hold you, you will remain in our hearts as our first little great granddaughter.
    God Bless You Lilli Jean
    Grandma & Grandpa Reinking

  3. Jay, Leslie, Jacob and Amanda Pederson

    You are in our thoughts and prayers. We would like to share this poem with you~You are in our prayers~All our love~
    The world may never notice
    If a Petal doesn’t bloom,
    Or even pause to wonder
    If the Snowdrop falls too soon.
    But every life that ever forms,
    Or ever comes to be,
    Touches the world in some small way
    For all eternity.

    The little one we long for
    Was swiftly here and gone.
    But the love that was then planted
    Is a light that still shines on.
    And though our arms are empty,
    Our hearts know what to do.
    Every beating of our hearts
    Says that we do love you.


  4. Papa Rick, Mema Sherry

    Toni & Justin, There are no good words we can say to get you through this difficult time. But we are a strong, close family that will always be there for each other. As parents there is nothing worse then seeing our children hurting. We will always be here for you guys. We Love you so much.

    Lilli, We were in Love with you from the moment your mommy told us you were coming, We only had a short time to spend with you, but we will Love you forever. You will always be in our hearts sweetheart. Your mommy and daddy Loved you so much, they are the best parents a little girl could wish for.

    Love your Papa & Mema

  5. Pamela, Roy, Chase, and Aaron

    Toni & Justin;
    We are so very sorry to hear about Lilli. We wish we could take your pain, hurt, and sadness away. Take comfort in knowing that your baby Lilli is in God’s arms. He will take awesome care of her for you. Please know that we are here for you, and that we love you very much!!
    Pamela, Roy, Chase, and Aaron

  6. Laura Knaeble

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss. my heart goes out to you. Just be strong and stick together and I believe that you can and will get through this.

  7. Julie Tschida

    I’m so sorry to hear about Lilli Jean.
    I’m a friend of Sue’s
    I can relate to the pain you are feeling-I lost a baby 20 years ago. You never forget them, but the pain will go away. God bless you in your grieving.- Julie

  8. Marjorie and Richard  Peterson

    Toni and Justin,
    I have been going to condolence websites for two days trying to find the words to say to you to help relieve the pain….but there are none. I only know that there is a heaven and that Lily is there and you will see her with God and everyone else who has passed before us. We love you and will always be here for you. The pain will never go away, but it will become bearable as time goes on. Toni, you have been so brave through all of this and we are so proud you are our grand daughter.Papa and Gramma Peterson

  9. Bonnie & Dan

    Toni & Justin
    I am so sorry to hear about you losing your little girl.
    I will be saying prayers to get you through this difficult time. It will get better, it is a healing process that we all must go through when we lose someone that we loved very much.
    I know it hurts so bad & you feel nothing will ever get better, I promise it will.
    Lilli is in Heaven & I feel this has to be a beautiful place to be!
    You are in my thoughts & prayers and I pray you find the strength to get through this time.

    Love Auntie,

  10. Lionel Callies

    Toni & Justin;
    We are very sorry for your loss. One never knows what to say or do at a time like this. We can’t possibly know the pain and sorrow you are feeling right now. As Gods children we can only rely on Him to help us understand why things like this happen. Through our own personal trials of life the Lord has walked us through times when the thoughts would come “how could things get any worse”? But from our experience when you spend time with the Lord and give all your cares and pain to Him, He comforts you and gives you grace to bare the painful circumstances life brings us. He Loves you so much! (Psalms 147:3 He heals the broken hearted, and binds up their wounds.) We are so sorry for the loss of Lilli. She is in Gods hand and what a wonderful care taker He is. Our Prayers are with you and ALWAYS will be

    Lionel, Bonnie and Boys

  11. Joy Marschalk

    Toni, Justin, We are so sorry for your loss. We can never understand the why’s of these things happening. You may have held Lilli for just a little while, but you will hold her forever in your hearts. God be with you in the days ahead. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your extended families.
    Joy and Dick Marschalk (Dick’s sister)

  12. Shauna Simi

    Lilli you will always be in my mind and in my heart! I’m sorry we never got to meet! I love you so much! I just want you to know that you were very loved! You will never be forgotten

  13. Scott Sandstrom and Tracy Peterson

    Toni & Justin,
    There is nothing we can say that will make this any easier.

    We are here for you if you need anything!

    A poem I found for Lilli:

    Though you never walked beside us
    You are etched deep in our hearts
    And with the precious love we feel for you
    We will never be apart

    To say goodbye before we said hello
    Has brought sorrow and great pain
    But we hold on to the comfort
    That we’ll meet again one day

    So sleep well our little angel
    In the safest arms far up above
    And you’ll stay in our hearts forever
    With the deepest heartfelt love

    Love you! Tracy, Scott & Kids

  14. Chau Nguyen

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My heart goes out to you and Justin. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Take comfort knowing that Lilli is in good hands with God and all the angels surrounding her.

  15. Heather DeMars

    Toni and Justin,
    I’m so sorry for your loss of your beautiful baby girl. I know this is such a hard time for all of us, but I know if we stick together we can get through this. We are all here for the both of you and always will be.
    I know Lilli is watching over us and making sure we are all safe. She is making us a stronger family and holding us together.
    We love you baby Lilli Jean Reese. You will always be in our hearts baby girl. Forever and ever.
    I love you Toni and Justin!

  16. Troy and Amie DeMars

    We are so very sorry for your loss. We love you both so very much! Please be comforted to know Lilli is with the angels and is now watching over you…

    She was so very, very special
    And was so from the start
    You held her in your arms
    But mainly in your heart
    And like a single drop of rain
    That on still waters fall,
    Her life did ripples make
    And touched the lives of all.
    She’s gone to play with angels
    In heaven up above
    So keep your special memories
    And treasure them with love
    Although your darling daughter
    Was with you just a while
    She’ll live on in your heart
    With a sweet remembered smile

  17. DeAnna Johnson

    So sorry for your loss. Heaven got a new Little Angel.

  18. Darla Reinking

    Toni and Justin,
    I’m so sorry you both had to go through this. As a mother I feel helpless. I am suppose to protect you. This is one thing I could not. I do promise you that this will be one, if not the worst thing you will ever have to go through. Lilli is the most beautiful angel we will ever encounter in our lives. I know that nothing will ever heal this pain, but time will help you strive to move on. You are the strongest couple. You have dealt with this as no others could. I am sooo proud of you. Look to the future, Lilli is all around us she is guiding you and will be with you always.

    Love always


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