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August 15, 1950 – Saturday, April 9, 2011

Service Information
The Peterson Chapel in Buffalo, MN
Saturday April 23, 2011
10:00 a.m.

Visitation Information

Jack Stiles, a Buffalo resident, passed away recently due to injuries sustained in an accident. Jack was born in Perry, Iowa on August 15, 1950. Jack graduated from High School in Deer Creek, MN and is a U.S. Army veteran. Jack was preceded in death by his parents Wayne and Madeline and brothers Dan and Leland. He is survived by brothers Tom and Jon, a step daughter Jessica Kangas, nieces Cynthia Stiles, Megan Headrick, nephew Dan Stiles and wife Kristi; grand nieces Eyesah Headrick, Emily and Larkin Stiles and grand nephew Kalem Stiles.
Jack was highly intelligent and an avid reader, he enjoyed traveling the unbeaten paths of the US, and was especially interested in US History. Jack led an active life and touched many people with his insightful world view and willingness to help anyone in need. Jack was an outstanding and committed mentor for others seeking chemical dependence recovery, a willing volunteer in local politics and other arenas, and a caring and committed friend. The loss of Jack will be keenly felt by his family, friends, and neighbors.
A memorial service for Jack will be held at the Peterson Chapel in Buffalo, at 10 am, Saturday, April 23, followed by an additional service on Saturday in Wadena at the Johnson Funeral Home, 205 4th St., Wadena, MN at 2:30 pm. Jack will be laid to rest in his home town of Deer Creek, MN.

31 Guestbook Entries

  1. Misty Yanish

    I will miss you. I love you so much!

  2. Allen R.Stanley

    Jack was an awsome man who I proudly call my friend. We shared the holidays, had a ton of laughs and his goal in this life was to have “Here Lies A Decent Man” chiseled on his headstone. He lived it each day giving to all in need of help and those who were afraid to ask. I will miss the stories and the “Tales of His Adventures” across this land. I will miss him. Just the thought of our monthly meetings without him. You know I will use some of the volume of wisdom he had when I give them the what for.

  3. david r yurek

    Jack will be missed. He was a champion of life, love and joy. I will try to follow his example.

  4. Connie Beneke

    I am so very sorry for your loss. Jack was a good friend of mine. I enjoyed his freindship and will miss him very much.

  5. Dale b Jore

    Miss ya bro.

  6. Jessi Kangas

    You have left too early, too tragic. You have touched so many lives. You will remain in my heart forever. You HAVE left your mark.
    I love you,
    Your Half-Pint

  7. Dean Jorgenson

    He was a great man. One of the best. I’ll never forget him. I love you, Jack.

  8. Lynnette Smith

    Dear Family,
    Jack will be sorely missed in our recovering community. He had a wonderful way of carrying the message of hope. Rest peacefully, dear friend of Bill W.

  9. Jessica Hogan

    I’m sorry to hear about your loss. He was a good guy and full of insightful things to say. He was a great example.

  10. Becky Zeise Lovgren

    My sincere sympathies to Jack’s family, including “step” family. He is/was a wonderful friend since high school, maintained his great sense of humor through thick & thin, and went out of his way to stay in touch with those he cared about. He will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him.

  11. Anne Elizabeth Orvedahl

    Dear family members, Jack was an exceptional man, as you well know. He has saved many lives as a doctor would but he asked for no pay. I’ve known him for 13 years. He was there for me in a split second if I asked. What a guy! He did his work here and now may he rest in peace and be even closer to his higher power. God Bless you and yours and thank you for sharing him with us.

  12. Jessi Kangas

    You left us too early. My heart hurts for MY loss, all of our loss. You had so much more to teach. I’m sorry God “stole” you before WE were ready. I love you. You will be in my heart always. Love, “Half-Pint”xoxo

  13. Ann Hendersin

    To Family: Please accept my condolences. Jack was one of the people who started me on the road to recovery and I will always be grateful. May he rest in love and peace.

  14. Barbara L Darsow

    Mr. Jack, How can I pull into the point and not think of you “put-zing” in the yard, offering me trees you so lovingly nurtured. Your smile could brighten even a gloomy day and I thank you for the admirable example of the “Good Life” you so truly lived. I could go on and on but then that was your job!!LOL My life is richer for knowing you, may God Bless you and Keep you until we meet again, buddy!:)

  15.  Sheryl Thomes (Miller)

    I will miss Jack’s wonderful smile and his great stories. Jack has been a friend for many years and will be missed. My sympathies to Jessie and the Stiles family.

  16. Becky (Zeise) Lovgren

    Just noticed the updated photo on Jack’s obituary and had to comment that I didn’t realize what a fisherman he was. He was a man of many talents… miss him very much.

  17. Jim and Sharon Donahue

    I was a teacher in Deer Creek from 1960-66. I knew the Stiles family because I had them in school. It’s sad when we lose a person at such a young age. Take care.
    Jim and Sharon Donahue

  18. Mrs John Charter

    We share with Jack’s family and extended family the loss of someone who touched our lives in many ways.
    God’s blessings to you all at this sad time.

    John and Peggy Charter

  19. Jimmie Ferguson

    I wish to express my sympathy for your loss of Jack. I can readily see that he will be greatly missed. Although it is a challenge to comfort someone with mere words, God’s word encourages us to comfort others. Jesus said many things to comfort grieving ones. To Martha, whose brother had died, he said “Your brother will rise.” (John 11:23) To help Lazarus’ family, he did what we cannot do, he brought Lazarus back to life. (John 11:43,44) At John 5:28,29 Jesus informs us that there will be a global resurrection. At Revelation 21:4 we are assured that Jesus’ heavenly Father will end death, pain, tears and mourning. I hope that my sincere condolence will help you have a measure of comfort and hope during this difficult time. God cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7)

  20. Laurie Stammer

    My life has not been the same since Jack entered it, and will never again be what it was with him gone. I am honored to count him as a friend and companion. He is the epitomy of what a man should be. As I have compiled pictures, I have been so comforted by his presence, in so many wonderful pictures that many of you have graciously sent to help create a visual memorial. Our common link is truly a great man, a loyal friend and keen observer of the world, and I will never be over missing him.

  21. Linda Otten

    A great man, with a great smile and a great big heart. He helped others and touched many lives. He will be greatly missed.

  22. Linda Arnesen (Zeise)

    Jack will be missed. It is a tragic loss for all. Jack’s smile and laughter was contagious. He loved to share his adventures and thoughts on his interesting insights of the world. Jack was a positive, humorous, and caring person. One particular trait that I noticed — Jack never spoke badly about anyone. Jack is missed.

  23. Laurie Stammer

    Folks, if you can make it, we will be gathering at Perkins in Buffalo on Thursday, April 21 at 7 pm to share memories of Jack. An hour on Saturday will never be enough. Come with your stories.

  24. Catherine A. (Charter) Bench

    I’m Jack’s former sister-in-law and have been fond of Jack since the days he was married to my sister, Susan. He’s near and dear to my heart and I’m deeply saddened to hear of his passing. My condolences to his wife and family. He’s a wonderful man and I’m sure you will miss him terribly. Jack was well loved and respected by our family. My niece, Jessica, is saddened and heartbroken over the loss of her beloved Jack. My heartfelt condolences to the Stiles’ family.

  25. Mike Olson

    Jack was my hero. I can see him now at a meeting in the sky. Love ya man! Mike O

  26. Penny Sorrells

    Sorry for your loss. I enjoyed working with Jack at Dept. 56.
    He’ll be missed.

  27. megan headrick (lahti stiles)

    What do you say about a man that was always the guy you went to for answers to anything. He was always the one that knew just what to say. He was like a second father to me after my dad, his brother, passed away. He has always been there for me even if it was a bad or good thing. My daughter, his great niece, wants to me say that she loves and misses him and that she is sad they will never get to meet. He was a great man that we will miss greatly. I will always remember our phone calls and how we could talk on the phone for over an hour and I would only say maybe five words besides I love you at the good bye because of his great story telling. He will forever be in our thoughts. I hope he is up there hanging out with my dad and waiting for the time we meet again. We love and miss you always.

  28. Anne Elizabeth Orvedahl

    I will miss Jack very much. He was a loyal and honest friend and I will miss his honesty and open-mindedness. Jack helped so many people and I hope I can live by his example. God Bless you Jack, you have no idea how much you are loved and will be missed by many. Thank you.
    Love, Anne

  29. Anne Elizabeth Orvedahl

    I will miss Jack very much. He was a loyal and honest friend and I will miss his honesty and open-mindedness. Jack helped so many people and I hope I can live by his example. God Bless you Jack, you have no idea how much you are loved and will be missed by many. Thank you.
    Love, Anne

  30. John Sundman

    Jack was a great employee, client and friend. He took a trip to Kentucky for me about 8 years ago to pick up a 1956 Willys Jeep Pick-Up Truck. He had quite a few stories to tell about the trip and the beautiful country he saw. We will miss you, Jack.
    John Sundman

  31. Ken & Judi Hart

    Jack will always be with us in our hearts. He is a great guy and will be missed. Let us know if there is anything we can do.


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