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of South Haven, MN

December 30, 2017 – June 15, 2023


Wednesday, June 21, 2023

one hour prior to the service

Buffalo Community Assembly of God – Buffalo, MN

Memorial Service

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

11:00 a.m.

Buffalo Community Assembly of God – Buffalo, MN

Luncheon to follow the service at church

Evelynn Orillia Wallace, age 5, of South Haven ran into God’s everlasting embrace on June 15th, 2023. She was born December 30th, 2017, to Megan and Colton Wallace.

Evy wasn’t just a bright spot in someone’s day, but a floodlight the most hardened person couldn’t help but smile at. She was a loyal and devoted friend to all she came in contact with. The silliest and most caring big sister, and a cherished daughter and granddaughter who is loved and loved unconditionally.

She is survived by her father and mother, Colton and Megan Wallace; sister, Eleanor Wallace; grandparents, Glenda and Chuck Stuhr, Tamara Steinhoffer, and Scott Pesola; along with all her aunts and uncles. Evy is united in heaven with her previously departed grandfathers; Leslie Stuhr and Raymond Pesola.

Nothing can be said to do justice in explaining Evelynn’s spirit. Writing this as her mom I’d say there are no words. My little girl had a big personality and a bigger heart. She was the image of her father, and mimicked him in every possible way. Right away she wanted to go, go, go. Already walking by 9 months old, totally disregarding the crawling step babies are supposed to make. That was our Evy though, there wasn’t a rule she wouldn’t bend or negotiate her way out of. She was curious about everything and everyone. A sponge of knowledge that couldn’t be saturated.

Evy loved her friends hard. Never forgetting even one, bringing them up repeatedly no matter how long it had been since she’d seen them last or how long they’d had the friendship. Including random people in the store-usually the biggest, meanest looking guy she could find. It didn’t matter to her, in fact I believe God gave her the unique ability to see through people’s exterior and straight at their hearts like he did. Therefore she loved them accordingly.

Her favorite places were her churches (both Buffalo Assembly of God, and Bethel Assembly in Fosston) and would regularly ask how many more days until she got to go to church, to see her friends and learn about Jesus.

Another favorite place of hers was Grandma Stuhr’s house (sorry Grandpa she always called it Grandma’s house.) First in South Haven, then in McIntosh, it was her second home. She loved playing in her Grandpa’s truck Buck, kicking the soccer ball around with her aunts Jaime and Amber, “helping” Grandma with work and chores, and whipping Birk and Zues into a playing frenzy.

She loved fishing with her daddy including looking over his shoulder while he cleaned their catch. A couple years ago Colton got a fish tank and brought home new colorful fish for it Evy was right on his heels as always. When he asked her what she thought of them she said “They’re good. Now we can clean ‘em and eat ‘em.”

She was my buddy, constantly trailing me through the house. Asking me this or that. Right behind her would be Elly, her biggest fan. I will forever miss her bright smile and contagious  laugh. All these words, and still it isn’t even close to encompassing who Evy is and how much she is missed.

Please come and help us celebrate Evy and share the memories of our beautiful little girl. Evy was a colorful girl and we’d love to honor her by being that way too, so wear your brightest or favorite colors.

Services will be held at Buffalo Assembly of God, visitation will take place at 10:00 AM June 21st with the service beginning at 11:00 AM. Lunch to follow.

16 Guestbook Entries

  1. Kim, Krystin, and Matt Morey

    Very beautiful tribute, Megan. I can only imagine the void she has left in your hearts/lives. I never got to meet her personally, but just seeing Grandpa Chuck’s posts and pictures of her, I feel as though a little part of me had met her, if only in noticing her true spirit and love for Jesus. My heart breaks for you and your family. Stay strong in your faith. Allow Jesus to uphold you and give you peace and comfort in the days, months, and years to come as you grieve your loss of little Evy. I’m blessed to know your family. You are in our prayers constantly. All our love.

  2. Glenda Stuhr

    My sweet Evy Stevie. Forever in my heart. I will see you in a heavenly moment sweetie.
    Grandma ❤️🥰❤️

  3. Berenice Jurgens

    I can see a lot of Glenda and her Aunts Jaime and Amber in her beautiful smiling face. Amber and Jaime are the best role models ever. I can see all the love from her Grandpa Chuck, and Grandma Glenda from all the happy things posted. There is a lot of love shared in this family who I know, her Mom and Dad, Aunts, Uncle and Grandparents. Praying all her beautiful memories live on in all your hearts until you meet again in Heaven.

  4. Gayle

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers 🙏🙏❤️❤️

  5. Randy & Michelle Lancaster

    We are all a little better because we had her in our lives. What a beautiful tribute to your precious little girl. She will be missed by so many. You are all in our prayers. May you find comfort in knowing she is with the Savior she loved.
    We will be there to celebrate her life with you on Wednesday.

  6. Sydney Langford

    Megan and Colton and the rest of the Stuhr family,

    Words cannot express how sorry I am for your loss. When it comes to the loss of a child, I wish I understood the reason why it happens. But God is still good and with great hope we know your precious daughter is with our savior. We wish we could be there in MN to celebrate your daughter’s life. I always loved seeing posts of her on Facebook and will her beautiful and sweet smile!

    Much love to you all and continue to lift you all up in prayer!

  7. Shelly Ferris

    My condolences to your family.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  8. Spirit Lily

    I’m writing this even though I’ll never be able to find the right words to say to describe the light you embodied. Your mommy and you are both miracles. Of course, your smile was the cutest. Big and teethy, just like my big brothers. Our family was never perfect, it’s no secret. Evelynn Orillia, you made it perfect. Nobody knows why things happen the way they do, you are so perfect. So so perfect. So spunky. When you were a baby you would laugh at just about anything, and nothing phased you. Even your daddies loud music, or the way you wouldn’t always have the most welcoming attitude. Just like your papa, you were tough. If you fell you’d wipe those years with the back of your hands and keep it movin’. If there were rules, we were gonna break them. Our little secret. Jumping into the pile of corn Colton had out for the deer. Going to TJMaxx and letting you get ANY thing you wanted, getting your nails done for the first time. I wanted to spoil you and you just wrinkled your nose at me, as the nail tech was soaking your feet. You were trying not to smile, trying not to laugh. I remember feeling like an idiot cause all you wanted to do was run around in the mud and climb trees with me. Squish mallows. The sunshine. The peach fuzzy blanket you said was perfectly fuzzy. I love you so much, nothing can describe how magnificent you are. I wish I could hold you, hug you, kiss you. Hear your giggle, come over and chase after you. Get dragged up the stairs by your little hand, look in the mirror with you sitting on the counter. Laugh and make funny faces at you. I know I’m suppose to have the right things to say, somehow be able to make it all sound beautiful. I was planning to take you to the quarries this summer, be your big auntie when you got to high school. I wanted to be there for you when you got your first kiss, and keep your secrets that you wouldn’t tell anybody. We’d sit and talk sometimes, just looking out the window. You were so young, yet so wise… Maybe that’s why you could never stay sad for too long, cause you knew it was a waste of time. I love you baby girl. Please be with me and your mama and papa. Watch over your baby sister, I’m gonna be there every chance I get. Every slumber party I’m able to attend. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I love you so much. I’ll try to be happy for you right now. Please don’t be mad if I can’t be, I just thought you’d be my best friend forever. I love you so much.

  9. Spirit Lily

    You must be up in the sky with the birds and butterflies. You had an odd obsession with spiders, just like your mom. I can just feel you stomping the ground at me for crying so much. I love you honey. You’re a miracle. Megan I love you, everything you do for my brother means the world. Colton you’re everything to me, I may not see you often or say it all the time… I’m always here. Always.

  10. Elizabeth Husom

    So sorry. I have no smart or wise words. God is near. Lean on Him and ask for help from anyone around. We are here.

  11. Susan Cz

    Dear Chuck♡Glenda,
    I seem to recall meeting you and your 4 children for the 1st time in the entrance of the Buffalo Assembly of God Church. What a blessing you all have been in my life! Watching your family grow through the trials of life while clinging to Jesus! Oh CLING to Him as He restores you from this time forward♡
    Rick♡Susie Czanstkowski

  12. Randy titus

    Praying for you Megan and Colton and the rest of the Wallace family and the Stuhr family you have my condolences for Evy.

  13. Stephan, Michelle, and Lily

    Evy. Sweet angel in heaven. We are so eternally grateful for having you in our lives. However brief a moment it was, we still will never forget the impact you had on all of us every time you came over with daddy. I thank you for being such a kind and gentle soul. For always sharing your toys with me when I’d come over to your house. I can still feel your sweet hand grab mine and take me upstairs to your room. You were always so excited to see your friends. We were so happy to see you. You had that effect on us. I remember when we first met at the apartments and you would come over with your mommy and daddy (you were probably 2) and you loved to sit in our cat scratching toy and would just rock back and forth saying rocky rainbow, rocky rainbow, rocky rainbow. (It was a shape of a rainbow) we will never forget you sweet girl.

    Colton and Megan. Words cannot express how sad we are for you. Taken so young. I still can’t believe this is real. Stephan, Myself, and Lily just want to thank you for bringing Evy into our lives. It has really been a great joy knowing her. We are always here if you need anything. <3

  14. Janice Huffer

    My heart aches for you and your family. I lost a daughter 16 years ago. This I can tell you from experience-the pain of losing a child never goes away, but over time, it will change. Someday you will find yourself smiling, then grinning, and finally laughing again. It’s okay. Everyone goes through grief differently. There are no rules, no timeline. Allow yourself the all the time you need.

    You all do not know me-I am Bastian’s other grandma. My prayers are with you all.

  15. Lance Koland

    People say it’s a crime for bringing a life into the world today. It’s cold it’s a load it’s a heavy stone that the heart can’t take. Well,hurt’s gonna keep on tryn pains gonna keep on cryn but way down deep there’s a beat that’s gonna keep on fightin. So go on and get born heart. Let your momma keep ya warm heart. Get down in the dirt heart. Go on and get hurt heart. Live and let learn heart. Don’t let fear steal your brave heart. Don’t let doubt take your faith heart. It’s OK to cry but don’t never break heart.-Eric Church. When tragedy like this happens I and alot of people turn to music for comfort. I feel these lyrics fit this situation. It’s OK to live even though tragedy and pain are inevitable. It’s OK to be hurting and sad and down but keep hold of your faith and love. It’s OK to cry just don’t never break heart. I wish I was closer so I could be with you on this somber day. I will be praying for you and your family. ❤️ I’m so so sorry for your loss. God has gained a beautiful soul and I’m sure you’ll see her in heaven ❤️🙏

  16. Heather greathouse

    I’m sorry for you guys lost she will be miss and always loved.


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