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June 30, 1956 – Wednesday, January 8, 2014

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Andrew Paul Sarber of Hanover, MN, died of natural causes on January 8, 2014. He was 57. Andy was a fourth generation carpenter, learning the skill through his father. Andy was predeceased by parents, Gloria and Kermit, and brother, Tommy. He is survived by sons Dylan of Portland, Oregon, and Wyatt of Plymouth, Minnesota. He is also survived by two sisters and three brothers. There will be no service.

8 Guestbook Entries

  1. Jone Richardson


    Thank you for always being who you were in our lives. We will miss you forever & never forget you. It is so hard to believe you are really gone. Until we meet again…

  2. Rene Onsum (Siscee)

    Andrew, even though it had been years since I last saw you, this has touched my heart more then you know. You were always such a great guy to hang out with and to have amazing conversations with. You will always remain in my heart. RIP Dear Friend.

  3. Joel J Johnson

    Andy, you taught me so much and were such an awesome person to be around. You’ll always have a place in everyone’s hearts and we’ll never forget you, brother.

    I’ll keep making magic just being one of the boys in the band. Can’t help but be good, be cool, be kind. Just like you.

  4. Jim Johnson

    We are so sorry to hear about Andy!!
    Andy was a very skilled carpenter and could fix anything. He did some projects at our home with my Son Joel Johnson and he did an excellent job. He taught Joel many tricks of the trade and he really appreciates the time he worked with Andy. I was out to Andy’s home a few times when Joel was living there a few years ago. He was a very nice man and was very polite to my wife when he worked at our home. My wife’s father was a skilled carpenter and home builder; she immediately recognized skill and attention to detail in Andy’s work.

  5. Creta Peterson

    We were best friends, you and I. There was no subject off limits or was there ever a time when we were too busy for each other. I feel like I am a witness to your life, brother of mine, and I will try to do you justice. I miss you so much already and will have to learn how to live without you. I am praying that you have finally found the peace you have worked so very hard for and spent your life searching for. I will never lose track of your beautiful boys, not to worry. I think Kerm said it best – you were almost too kind for this world. Maybe we will all live on the river again someday……..
    All my love, Creesh

  6. Eric Peterson

    We are going to miss you Andy. As far back as I can remember, you have always been in my life. You were always kind and accepting, and that has meant so much to me. Miss you and love you.

  7. Rachael Peterson-Yant

    Uncle Andy was such a great uncle! I remember many nights my brother and I spent as kids having sleepovers at his house, staying up late, playing video games. And he did many of the same fun things with my little girls; giving them as much chocolate milk as they could hold, always giving them change from his money jar, and hanging up their artwork everywhere. You are so loved, we miss you so much!

  8. Doug Moan

    Lots of great memories of High School Days with Andy. A great, caring person!


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